The Lion of Zion, Part 1: Ethiopia and Idiosyncrasy

The Lion of Zion, Part 2: Rastas and Revolutionaries

Metals, Monopoly and Mugabe: Zimbabwe and its Legacies

The White Man’s Burden: The Sad Story of the Scramble for Africa

The Americas

Death or Taxes: Was the American Revolutionary War Really Britain’s Fault?                                (A guest post by Danny Hewitt)

Hate and Heat in Hispaniola: Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Slaves’ Revolution

The Monster Raving Loony Emperor: Norton I of the United States

Natives by Any Other Name: The Iroquois of New York State


Pyongyang vs. Gangnam: Korean History and How to Live Through It

The Seven Ages of Japan, Part 1: Feuds, Feudalism and Chinese Submission

The Seven Ages of Japan, Part 2: Shinobi, Sakoku and Japanese Ambition

Tartar Source: Mongols, Might and Meritocracy


Bromance of Two Kingdoms: Rome, China and the Great Silk Road

The Greatest Gap Year Ever: The Travels of Ibn Battuta

The Transsexual Emperor: Elagabalus, Topoi and Gender in Rome

Tsars and Strikes, Part 1: Russian History, from Kiev to the Stroganoffs

Tsars and Strikes, Part 2: Cossacks to Comrades


All Roads Lead to Roma: A Very Gypsy History

Istanbul (not Constantinople): The Rise and Fall of Europe’s First Metropolis

Scriú tú, Sasana, Part 1: The Celts and their Britain-shaped Sanctuary

Scriú tú, Sasana, Part 2: The Celts and their Attempts to stay Celtic

You Can’t Judge a Country by its Cover: The Holy Romans and their Empire

The Middle East

Hidden Religions of the Middle East: Zoroaster, the Druze and the Baháí Faith

Kites over Kabul, Part 1: Afghanistan’s Troubled Past

Kites over Kabul, Part 2: Afghanistan’s Troubled Present


Seventy Million Miles of Open Sea: The Polynesians and their Wanderlust


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