The Community

Don’t call it a blogosphere, Alex, don’t call it a blogosphere…

The following are the respective blogs and vlogs of people I know and think you’d like to know – some of them similar to Holistic History, some of them…not so similar. They’re all worth looking up, I can promise you that, and if you like Holistic History these all come from the same place. Enjoy!

Bloggers I know:

The Incidental Review

A funny and satisfyingly global slice of politics and news from a left-wing perspective. It’s like this but with more Thatcher jokes, and has the best current affairs breakdowns on the web.

A Quick Guide To…

In which the media is criticised with careful use of cartoons and sarcasm – if you need me to tell you this will be funny I’m not sure why you’re here. They’ve also started full-length cartoons on World History that are far funnier than anything you’ll find on here.

Tom Talking About Stuff

A surreal opinion blog that, like the crazed ramblings of a drunk, is hilarious and weirdly perceptive at the same time. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


An always-updating blog on the very finest British Indie music. You may not have heard of all the bands, but you’ll quickly love the suggestions and the frequent, terrible puns should make HH readers feel right at home.

Bloggers I don’t:

Medieval POC

Short for Medieval People of Colour, but covering much more besides, this is an amazing debunking of the idea that cultures have ever been homogenous and that immigration is a 20th century idea. If you love art history and hate bigotry, well…

Rejected Princesses

More stereotype-abolishing history, you say? Fine – here’s Rejected Princesses, an incredibly enertaining illustrated look at female leaders in history, myth and literature that Disney hasn’t had the guts to make into movies yet.


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